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Better Bimini Installation Instructions

1. For an 8' or 10' top you want to measure from the front of your helm back to 8' or 10'. From there find the middle of your tape measure and mark it-*This is your middle H-Bracket mounting point.* Mount your H-bracket with 1-3/4 Phillips Pan Bolt*

2. Find a common spot to measure on both sides of your boat and mount the opposite side H-bracket. *Make sure it matches the H-bracket on the other side*

3. Now you want to locate your left or right sided bow assembly's, there should be four pieces. Here you want to attach the two pieces to each other making one large piece for each side. *The adjustable strut goes in the front and the solid strut goes in the back.* Connect at the H- Bracket point with 1-3/4 Phillips Pan Bolt.


4. Attach the bow assembly's to your middle H-Bracket and secure with pull pin. 


5. Line up the rear struts perpendicular to the top rail, creating a 90 degree angle. Mark the position for the holes in the H -bracket on the top rail and drill completely through the rail.


6. Repeat steps 1-5 on the opposite side.


7. Once both bow assembly's are secure you will start to attach your center bows. *The connector pieces come pre-attached to the center bows* Make sure the bow with the hole cutout goes in the back for the stern light. *You may want to place all bows on the corresponding arms before securing with screws on the bottom side*


8. Now find your bimini top fabric and lay it out to find the back side. *There will be a hole cutout for the stern light indicating it is the back*

9. Find your last center bow and zipper that into the last sleeve of the canvas.


10. Repeat step 9 for bows 2-4.


11. Open your top and let your front strut hang loose. Directly below mount your front H-Bracket with the 1-3/4 Phillips Pan Bolt like you did in step 5 and secure with the pull pin.


12. Step back and straighten out the top, ensuring the middle seam is centered on the boat. Finish it off by securing the four snaps, one on each corner.




Congratulations you just installed your bimini top!