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Experience the Taylor Made Difference in Pontoon Boat Seats

Improve the appearance of your pontoon boat with brand new Lippert Taylormade Pontoon Seating. Don't settle for run-of-the-mill pontoon seating. Make sure you invest in excellent quality seating that is durable and will last. Your new furniture choice should be made to resist UV rays, and mold and mildew with ease for years to come. How can you guarantee the furniture that you purchase is the best on the market and made specifically for longevity in harsh marine environments? Choose our Platinum Pontoon Boat Seats.

Made in the USA - Not Imported from China

Lifetime Warranty on Bases

3 Year Warranty on Premium 32oz. Vinyl

  • OEM Quality Designed with a richer monochromatic earth tone, neutral patterned accent and base color to match 2017, 2018 & 2019 pontoon boats
  • 32oz Marine Vinyl - Marine vinyl is often referred to by either thickness or weight.  75% of the marine vinyl used is 30oz or less.  The higher the grade or oz the better the vinyl is.
  • Large Dry Storage Area under hinged seats, live well ready compartments, and channels built into the bases to assist with drainage.
  • Multiple Density Foam Packs for optimal comfort insures the most seating support in the marine and pontoon furniture industry. These foam packs are softer under your knees and on your back unlike other pontoon seats that have single density that is harder and less comfortable. Our foam packs are made in the USA, which make them softer and more comfortable.  Imported Pontoon Seats have foam packs are hard.
Each frame is rotationally-molded from marine grade polyethylene, designed to resist warping.  The frames have thicker walls that resist warping and channels for drainage

Aluminum seat hinges and stainless steel staples and mounting fasteners are designed to prevent corrosion.
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