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Current Shipping Times

Wise Premier Pontoon Furniture - Most Premier Furniture is in stock, some pieces may take 4 weeks
Wise Deluxe Pontoon Seats - Most Deluxe Furniture is in stock, some pieces may take 4 weeks
Taylor Made Pontoon Furniture - Production has started and we are taking orders for these pontoon seats, all orders will ship complete please allow up to 8 weeks  

Pontoon Flooring (Carpet and Vinyl Flooring) - In Stock Ships within 1-3 business days
Pontoon Bimini's Most Bimini's are in stock
Custom Captain's Chairs - 3-4 weeks
SureShade Power Arms - In stock.
Marine Plywood - In stock 1-2 Business Days Before Shipping
Pontoon Boat Fence Paneling - IN STOCK
Pontoon Trailers - Most model trailers are in stock.  Click here to see what we have available now.  If not in stock, 2-4 weeks for powder coated.  18-22 weeks for galvanized.
Pontoon Hardware and Glue - In Stock
Pontoon RGB's - 4-8 weeks out as of 5/16/2022
Pontoon Ladders - In Stock
We will be doing our best to keep our customer's up to date on any delays.

*If you are unsure of the stock availability or shipping times for certain items please contact us. Representatives are available from 9am-5pm on Monday-Thursday and 9am-4pm on Friday's.*

We have had an increase in phone calls, most times the best way to reach us is at or Text us at 574.699.3359. Please be sure to include your order number (if applicable) along with the items and colors you are interested in.