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Tuff Coat Non-Skid Coating

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One gallon
If you are looking for an alternative product instead of boat carpet or vinyl flooring TUFF Coat non-skid coating may be what you are looking for. TUFF Coat is easy to apply and safe for the environment. This product can be used on Pontoon Decks, Boat Decks, Boat Docks and much more. TUFF Coat is a heavy duty and durable non-slip rubberized deck coating that can be applied to concrete, wood, treated lumber, aluminum, steel, fiberglass and previously-painted surfaces. It is durable enough to withstand auto, truck and forklift traffic. This product can last up to 5 years before requiring an additional layer of TUFF Coat.

We highly recommend that you use TUFF Coats UT-80 Primer, which is a 2 part primer when applying to concrete, wood and fiberglass or TUFF Coats UT-95 Primer when applying on aluminum or steel. These primers are specifically designed to work with TUFF Coat Flooring and will yield the best results.

In addition to using TUFF Coats primers we also recommend using TUFF Coats Rollers when using a rolling method to apply TUFF coat to your dock or deck. TUFF Coats Textured Roller is specially designed to grab the rubber material and flooring when applying to your deck. This roller is an open celled foam roller to ensure a uniform finish. Another option is to use superior drywall "Hopper" gun or texture sprayer which can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Coverage - 1 Gallon of Tuff Coat covers approximately 40-45 square feet. (2 Coats)

We would Recommend:

  • 16 ft Pontoon Boat - 3 Gallons
  • 20 ft Pontoon Boat - 4 Gallons
  • 25 ft Pontoon Boat - 5 Gallons
  • 30 ft Pontoon Boat - 6 Gallons

Product Features:

  •     Multiple Colors Available
  •     Easy to Apply
  •     Heavy-Duty
  •     Rubberized Non-Skid
  •     Matte Finish
  •     Sold in 1 Gallon Buckets
  •     1 Gal Covers Approximately: 40-45 Sq Ft in 2 Coats
  •     1 year shelf life
  •     Mar/Cuff Resistant
  •     UV Resistant
  •     Fire Resistant
  •     Made in the U.S.A.

Product Specs:

  • Recommended Spread Rate
    • Wet Mils: 50-60
    • Dry Mils: 35-40
    • Coverage: 40-45 Sq. Ft. in 2 Coats
  • Drying Schedule at 20 mils wet at 50% RH, 72F
    • To touch: Approx 1 hour
    • To top coat: Approx 1-2 hours
    • To Cure: Approx 24hrs-5 days for full chemical cure
  • Packaging
    • 1 Gallon - Weight 12 lbs
    • 5 Gallon - Weight 54 lbs
  • Application
    • Temp: 40 Degrees Minimum to 120 Degrees Max
    • Relative Humidity: 85% Maximum
    • Method
      • Roll
      • Spray

Standard Colors Available:

  • Light Blue
  • Caribbean Blue
  • Medium Blue
  • Waterpark Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Olive
  • White
  • Key West Sand
  • Sand
  • Tan
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Dark Grey
  • Black
  • Red
  • Brick Red
  • Green

Recommend Equipment:

  • TUFF Coat CP-10 Primer (For Wood Applications)
  • TUFF Coat MP-10 Primer (For Metal Applications)
  • TUFF Coat Roller (When Rolling TUFF Coat)
  • Sturdy Roller Frame and Long Roller Pole (When Rolling TUFF Coat)
  • Superior Drywall "Hopper"Ãâ€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ Gun or Texture Sprayer (When Spraying TUFF Coat)
  • Drill Mixer
  • Masking Tape or Yellow 3M Tape

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing, please allow longer lead times during our busy season as certain colors may take a little longer than others.

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