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  • Clean the Surface

  • Apply Primer

  • Apply TUFF Coat

Clean the Surface

Ensure that you really clean the surface of the area that you wish to apply the TUFF Coat.  First remove all of the dry debris by sweeping and blowing off the surface.  Next apply ZEP Industrial Purple (Sodium Hydroxide) or Simple Green (both can be purchased at your local hardware store) to remove any oils or residue from your deck or dock. Next, if applying to wood surfaces use an Oxalic Acid Deck Brightener.  Now thoroughly rise with fresh water (Pressure washer is recommended) to remove all of chemical before applying the primer.

Apply Primer

First, tape and mask any areas or corners that you do not wish to apply with TUFF Coat.  Now Apply CP-10 Primer for wood applications or MP-10 for metal surfaces.  The primer can be applied with a brush, roller or common paint sprayer.  Apply the primer evenly on your deck or dock.  

Applying TUFF Coat

You can apply TUFF Coat with a roller or it can sprayed.  Blend well until TUFF Coat looks like smooth pancake batter.  This can take a few minutes. Note, dried TUFF Coat will not come of clothing or shoes, so be careful when mixing or applying this product. It can also be difficult to get off your skin as well, so we recommend that you wear gloves while mixing and applying this product. Wet TUFF Coat is easy to clean with soap and water.

When using a roller you do not need a paint pan. Just dip the roller into the TUFF Coat and apply to the desired area, smoothing it out throughout the surface.  Note: The more you roll TUFF Coat the more uniform the finish will become.

Alternatively, you can spray TUFF Coat by using one of the following methods, Under Coating “Cup” Gun, or a Drywall “Hopper” Gun. Note, assemble the hopper the opposite way as displayed on the box, as TUFF Coat is being sprayed down, as oppose to up.

More Detailed Application Instructions for TUFF® Coat