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MInnKota Electric Anchor Winch

SKU: 476089
Price: $315.00
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MInnKota Electric Anchor Winch
MInnKota Electric Anchor Winch
Product Details
This MInnKota Electric Anchor Winch has a 40 pound capacity and universal davit which allows you to mount it at the base of a deckhand or in a remote position on a boat deck. This davit stows the anchor horizontally to eliminate anchor swing and the anchor shackle allows for quick change netween anchors. This MInnKota Electric Anchor Winch has a stow and deploy switch intergrated into the base of the unit, a special anti-drag system that senses the bottom to allow for controlled shifting. This Anchor Winch comes pre-spooled with 100 feet if 800 pound tested nylon rope and takes 12 volt battery operation. 
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