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Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner and Polish

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Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner and Polish
Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner and Polish
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Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner and Polisht Kit

This Sharkhide Cleaning Package includes:

(2) Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaners - 1 Quart
(1) Sharkhide Aluminum Polish - 2 lb

Sharkhide Aluminum cleaner is an amazing aluminum cleaner you have to try, you won't believe the result!

Aluminum Cleaner is not like the other "off the shelf" type aluminum cleaners you will find at retail outlets. Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is a highly concentrated blend of Acids, and cleaning agents that you dilute (with water) to suit the severity of your application. It can be applied anywhere from straight to diluted as much as 10:1 or more depending on the desired results.

Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is best applied to dry aluminum with an adjustable tip sprayer. Set the adjustable nozzle to the finest mist possible. Mist a 6' to 8' section from the bottom up, let the foam work for a few minutes and rinse off. THAT'S IT! No scrubbing required.

Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner will not harm carpeted bunks, paint or decals. When you're done, that old dark streaked and stained finish will be gone and you're left with a clean, uniform, streak free off white finish.

Sharkhide Aluminum Polish is specially formulated to combine the fast cutting properties of a coarse rubbing compound, with the fine polishing characteristics of a polishing rouge. By doing this, you can quickly bring a dull finish to a reflective shine, but without changing compounds and going back over the initial cut, you can continue on to a highly reflective scratch and swirl free finish.

Aluminum Polish can be applied by hand as well as with a variable speed-high quality buffer. Since aluminum varies in alloy and hardness, it's suggested to try different pads as well as different buffer speeds to find the best combination for your job. Another little trick we've learned is most alloys polish easier if they're acid washed first.

Since most our customers are doing large polish jobs such as boats,, we've packaged our quality polish in  two pound cans. This eliminates the cost and hassle of purchasing several small tubes of other brands.

With Sharkhide Aluminum Polish, you're not limited to aluminum,. It works on virtually all types of metals. Not only that, it can remove scratches from Lexan and plexiglas windshields, and can also remove yellowing and haziness from headlight covers. It also removes light rust and bluing on stainless and chrome headers. And don't forget your gold and silver jewelry.

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