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Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner and Protectant

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Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner and Protectant
Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner and Protectant
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Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner and Protectant Kit

This Sharkhide Cleaning Package includes:

(2) Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaners - 1 Quart
(1) Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant - 1 Quart

Sharkhide Aluminum cleaner is an amazing aluminum cleaner you have to try, you won't believe the result!

Aluminum Cleaner is not like the other "off the shelf" type aluminum cleaners you will find at retail outlets. Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is a highly concentrated blend of Acids, and cleaning agents that you dilute (with water) to suit the severity of your application. It can be applied anywhere from straight to diluted as much as 10:1 or more depending on the desired results.

Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner is best applied to dry aluminum with an adjustable tip sprayer. Set the adjustable nozzle to the finest mist possible. Mist a 6' to 8' section from the bottom up, let the foam work for a few minutes and rinse off. THAT'S IT! No scrubbing required.

Sharkhide Aluminum Cleaner will not harm carpeted bunks, paint or decals. When you're done, that old dark streaked and stained finish will be gone and you're left with a clean, uniform, streak free off white finish.

Sharkhide Metal Protectant was originally formulated forty plus years ago by a group of chemical engineers, whose mission was to create a product that would protect aluminum structural and decorative trim pieces (in the building industry) from the damaging effects of masonry mortar as well as the elements. Sharkhide was an instant success! But with the advent of new building styles and materials, the Sharkhide formula was no longer needed, and set back on a shelf. And that's where it remained until the mid eighties.

Since then, we here at Flatwater Inc. have introduced the remarkable features of this product into such industries as Marine, Automotive, Cycle, Aircraft, Trucking, RV, Architectural, Building Maintenance and many others. Actually the working principals behind
Sharkhide are very simple. The materials that make up Sharkhide Metal Protectant are a proprietary blend of many types of resins. These resins are then suspended in a blend of two different solvents. When applied to a surface, the solvents rapidly evaporate leaving the actual Sharkhide Metal Protectant behind. This forms an air tight film over any metal surface, and will protect against just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

In the marine industry,
Sharkhide is used primarily on aluminum hulls such as Pontoon boats, Houseboat, and Fishing boats. In most instances, a couple of good coats can last many years. It's not uncommon to see three to five years of protection. On applications like motorcycles, muscle cars, show cars and other things that don't see a lot of exposure to the elements, you may see as many as eight or more years. In severe duty applications such as fire/rescue equipment, over the road trucks, dumps, tanks and the like, you can still enjoy one to three (or more) years of protection. And one of the many great features of Sharkhide is when it is time to reapply, there's no need to strip or prep the original coat.
Since Sharkhide's "self etching", you simply wipe a fresh coat over the old one, and the new coat will partially melt, and blend right into the first!
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