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Vinyl Flooring Glue for Marine Plywood

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Vinyl Flooring Glue for Marine Plywood
Vinyl Flooring Glue for Marine Plywood
Vinyl Flooring Glue for Marine Plywood
Vinyl Flooring Glue for Marine Plywood
Vinyl Flooring Glue for Marine Plywood
Vinyl Flooring Glue for Marine Plywood
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This Water Based Vinyl Adhesive is specifically designed for wood surfaces. 
One gallon will cover an 8' x 10' section, or 80 square feet.  If you have a 20' pontoon boat, two gallons of glue will be enough glue to cover the entire floor of your boat.  Please make sure you have enough glue for your project, as too little glue will cause your flooring to bubble, wrinkle or will not create the bond you need. It is VERY IMPORTANT that this glue does NOT FREEZE (neither before you use it, nor during the curing/drying process.)  Please allow 24-48Hrs for this glue to set up and dry before walking or setting pontoon furniture back on the boat. The ideal temperature for using this glue during your vinyl flooring installation is 60-90 degrees F.  If it is too cold, the glue will not dry properly.

This Vinyl Flooring Adhesive has been specially formulated to bond to the back of our vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring glue is different than boat carpet glue.  Vinyl flooring does not breathe as well as boat carpet.  By using the proper glue, it will work with marine plywood and the vinyl flooring in order to create the correct bond.  Other types of adhesive can cause discoloration to the vinyl flooring or eat the back of the vinyl flooring away.

We highly recommend reading through the instructions completely prior to beginning your installation.

Installation Recommendations:
  • For best results use this boat flooring glue at temperatures above 60 degrees.
  • First unroll your flooring over the area you wish to cover to inspect for defects as well as checking to make sure you have enough.
  • Roll the flooring back up evenly and start applying the glue to the first 1/3 of the area.
  • Apply by pouring about 1/2 of the pale on to the area and spread using a medium nap paint roller on a broom stick. Let glue set up for about 3-5 minutes before applying flooring. A one gallon pale should cover a 8'ft x 10'ft area.
  • Roll your flooring over the glued area and smooth out using your arm or 2x4 to reach. We use a heavy pvc pipe to iron it out. A heavy carpet roller is not necessary.
  • Repeat this process over the remaining 2/3's of your area. Gluing smaller areas as you go is often easier.
  • Depending on conditions it may take up to 24hrs for glue to fully dry. This glue is water based so the humidity in the air will factor into drying time. Allow glue to fully dry before replacing any seats, furniture or any other items that will be placed on top of new flooring.
  • If you are replacing your flooring outdoors make sure that while you are letting the glue dry to fully cover the newly floored area to keep it from getting wet if it happens to rain. If your newly installed flooring happens to get wet before the glue is fully dried the water will stop the glue from curing and you may have to start over and replace your flooring.
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