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How to Measure Your Pontoon Furniture

Adding new pontoon furniture is the surest way to add value when remodeling, renovating, or restoring your pontoon boat. When ordering your furniture, there are some very specific methods used in measuring for your new seats and other accessories.

You'll want to take these measurements with the rails on your pontoon boat. The rails provide consistent guides for your measurements and give a more accurate view on how much actual seating room is available on your pontoon boat.

While older pontoon boats had a single standard layout, pontoon boat designs have changed quite a bit in recent years, and these measuring steps are not applicable for all pontoon boats manufactured. For older pontoon boats, you can get accurate measurements by following the steps below:

•  Rear Width . You'll first want to find out how much space for pontoon furniture is available in the rear of your pontoon boat. To determine this, measure from the inside rail on one side of the pontoon boat across the width of the pontoon boat to the opposite inside rail on the other side. This will allow you to get an idea as to the general seating arrangements available.

•  Rear Length . Measure from inside of the rail that runs across the rear width of the pontoon boat to the beginning of a middle gate on either side of your pontoon boat.

•  Front Length . Measure from the beginning of a center gate closest to the front of the boat to the inside of the rail that runs across the front width.

•  Front Width . This final step is actually two separate measurements due to the gate at the front of the pontoon boat. Starting on the left side, measure from the inside of the rail on the left corner to the closest corner on the left side of the gate. Repeat this process on the right side so that you'll have two measurements that do not include the width of the gate.

Finally, you'll want to factor in rail bracings attached to the rails in your pontoon boat. These bracings can impede placement of pontoon furniture and you'll want to have a clear and realistic image in your mind of how you will arrange your new pontoon boat furniture.

Knowing how to properly measure your pontoon boat can save you from the headache of improperly fitting furniture as well as save you money with costly shipping fees to return pontoon furniture back the manufacturer. Our company policy does not permit us to pay for or reimburse shipping costs that result from returned furniture based on inaccurate or incorrect measurements.

Much like the carpenter's motto, you should measure twice and order once!

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